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Welcome to Meltmonkey Design Studio!

My name is Vincent Torquato, creator and operator of Meltmonkey Design Studio. I'm an independent graphic designer & illustrator who specializes in brand identity design and website design for startups and small businesses.

I typically work solo, but also delegate to a network of talented designers that I call the Melt Tribe.

Vincent Torquato

Founder and Operator of Meltmonkey Design Studio


Your website is the home for your business. It’s where the majority of your marketing campaigns will point to. I focus on having a strong, simplified layout strategy that is responsive and mobile friendly.

REG website design by Meltmonkey Design StudioWood Floor & More website design by Meltmonkey Design StudioFund Rite Mortgage website design by Meltmonkey Design StudioTara Beverages website design by Meltmonkey Design Studio
Website Design Pricing


A logo is one of the first things that consumers will see. It’s the cornerstone of your company’s visual identity. A great logo is found through a creative process that always starts with a pencil sketch. All logos are 100% unique designs from scratch, resulting in a visual masterpiece that is memorable and proudly represents your brand identity.  No shortcuts, no templates, no clip-art, no nonsense.

SRK Racing logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioLiv logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioSubtec logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioBlank Canvas logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioDeuces Wild logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioJoycrest logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioCrescent Crow logo by Meltmonkey Design StudioAngelica Realtor logo by Meltmonkey Design Studio


In a competitive industry like Real Estate, it is important to stand out from the crowd, and a great way to achieve this is through branding yourself. The Realtor Kit was designed to help jumpstart realtors into building a strong, professional brand for themselves.

The REALTOR KIT by Meltmonkey Design Studio

The average cost for a headshot photographer is around $150 per hour and that includes one edited image. With The Realtor Kit, we wanted to offer more value by giving realtors, not one but four professionally edited images with an added bonus of custom design elements that outline the integrity of your brand.
All for as low as 299.99!

The Realtor Kit


A simple solution for Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs, Fast Food Restaurants, Sports Bars, or any business that utilizes a menu. Let customers browse your menu on their mobile phone by scanning a QR code. No more white out or stickers when it's time to update your menu!

Simple Menu by Meltmonkey Design Studio
Simple Menu QR Scan image by Meltmonkey Design Studio
A mobile menu for your business
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