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Helping businesses become the best version of themselves through research, strategy and design.

Taking a systematic approach to solving problems
is a key factor in the development of a business
identity. Discovering the core value that your business offers will set the path towards creating visual assets that reflect such value.

If your brand was a super hero, what would its super power be? After we figure out its super power, then we can create its costume.


Brand Identity Design

Communicate to your target audience through the look and feel of your brands visual elements such as a logo, typography, color palette, and graphic styling.

Together we can develop a strategy-based brand identity system with elements that include:
-Graphic theme
-Typography Messaging
-Color palette
-Brand guidelines

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Great businesses are built by design.

Are you ready to make your vision a reality?



My name is Vincent Torquato, creator and operator of Meltmonkey Design Studio. I'm an independent graphic designer & illustrator who specializes in logo design and developing brand identities for entrepreneurs.

I typically work solo, but also delegate to a network of talented designers that I call the Melt Tribe.

A brief history...

With over 17 years experience in graphic design,

I worked my way up from sketching out drawings on the back of shipping labels in the warehouse around 2002, to then moving into the art department as a production artist creating vector art for screen print and embroidery by 2003.
This art department was filled with great designers, and a cool art director that all helped develop my skills. The more I learned, the more my passion for graphic design grew and so did my efficiency. In 2006 I became lead designer.

After a few years, changes in the company occurred. I was promoted to art director in 2010, whos responsibility was to over see the in-house and freelance design team. This was a nice change because as lead artist, you usually took on the bulk of the production work as well as correcting the mistakes of the junior designers. Let's just say, your keyboard shortcuts got to be on point. In this new roll I developed my budget and time management skills while keeping work delegated to the right designers making sure deadlines were met.  

In 2015, I gained a new outlook on design. Working closely with the CEO on various projects, I was exposed to the business aspect of things. This lead to continuing my studies in business management and marketing, which influenced me to focus my creative skills on logo design and brand identity. I got hooked on the notion of helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by solving problems and strategizing the who, what, where, and whys of the business before any visual assets are created.

"When the research is complete the graphics will appear."


Anita Nava

Ridgetop Insurance
Brand Identity / Digital Marketing

Vincent has exceeded our expectations, this is the single best investment for our business. I would highly recommend working with Meltmonkey Design Studio.

Manuel Uribe

California Realtor
Logo Design / Digital Marketing

Vincent Torquato is a problem solver who pays close attention to detail, deadlines and always exceeding the client's expectations. I am more than pleased with my logo design and branding material.

Greg Risser

Joycrest Inc
Brand Re-design / Creative Assets

Vincent's mastery of software, years of experience, ingenious mind and branding knowledge makes his firm an excellent choice for any creative project.


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